Business Executive Program

Investing in training ensures that your employees have the right skills and knowledge to do their job and improves the productivity and competitiveness of your business.

Human resources are the most valuable asset for any organisation. To keep the employees motivated, to show them you care, to add value to your organisation and to minimise turnover rates you need to motivate and upskill your man power.

Training is flexible and there are a number of financial incentives available to employers. Employers may wish to offer staff training in a particular area – for example, new technology that your company is using.

Frontier Training and Technology offers Business Executive Programs to help you groom your employees. We provide group training to maintain currency and develop capability of administrative, managerial and executive employees in your business.

We offer Business Executive Programs tailored to meet your company’s objectives and goals. The following flow chart depicts the procedure followed by Frontier Training and Technology to provide custom made Business Executive Programs for your business:

  • Currency and Capability Framework is developed according to your organisational chart and is industry specific
  • Training need analysis is conducted to determine skills and knowledge required for each employee
  • Short courses are developed to address the skills gap

We deliver short courses to meet different industry requirements as outlined below:

  1. IT Courses – Microsoft Office Suites
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Training
  3. Database management
  4. Learning and Development programs
  5. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  6. Leadership and Management
  7. Benchmark Training

Nationally Recognised Training

If you are interested in providing a full nationally recognised training qualification to your staff or if you only want to provide your staff with specific units of competency, Frontier Training and Technology will issue them with a Statement of Attainment for units that have been successfully completed.  We can progressively deliver units of competencies to build towards a full qualification.

Training Duration:

The duration for each short course depends on the agreed timeline provided by the employers. If your staff only need specific skills, you can ask Frontier Training and Technology to just provide those.

You can space the training of your staff around your business’s peak periods. Frontier would advise the timeline based on the Pre-Training Review conducted prior to commencement. However, the minimum duration for each short course for a full day program would be @ $200 per day (8 hrs in duration).

Employers have a choice of the following:

Express:           One training and assessment day each fortnight

Fast Track:      One training and assessment day each month

Steady:            Half day training and assessment each fortnight

Your Pace:       You decide what’s best for your staff and we will work with you to make it happen

If you have any queries

Please call Frontier Training and Technology on (03) 9041 1820 and we will answer any further questions or provide you with any additional information you require. Alternatively to send in your inquiry click here.