Frontier Agents

Established in September 2002, Frontier Training and Technology Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation, provider number 21244. The registering authority, Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) monitors Frontier Training and Technology and subjects it to regular external audit to verify adherence to these standards.

ASQA standards require Frontier Training to maintain a current list of authorised agents – please contact frontier if your agency’s contact details change. 

Main Responsibilities of the Agent

Under this policy and agent agreement, the Agent:

  • Must promote Frontier and the courses offered by Frontier.
  • In accordance with Frontier policy and procedures, recruit and assist in the recruitment of prospective students to undertake the courses as listed on register for Frontier;
  • Provide prospective students with all necessary information about the courses, Frontier facilities and services and assistance in completing and submitting application forms to Frontier;
  • Ensure students recruited by the agent are paying their fees on time to the college;
  • Perform any other services and provide any reports or information requested by Frontier or required by the Agreement.

The Agents’ roles and responsibilities

  • The Agent must ensure the ethical marketing practices are implemented to promote the training.
  • The Agent must provide accurate information on training/assessment service is provided.
  • The Agent must treat in confidence information obtained or provided in the course of negotiating or monitoring the arrangements covered in the agreement and undertaking not to divulge that information to any parties without prior written authorization.
  • The Agent must ensure and maintain open communication with parties regarding major concerns or issues with servicing the agreement.
  • The Agent must maintain accurate documentation and records.
  • The Agent must provide records to the RTO as required and requested by us.

Below is a list of our approved education agents.

Agent NameRecruitment of prospective learnerEnrolment of learners (incl. fee receipting)Provision of educational or support servicesDelivery of training and/or assessmentIssuance of qualifications
Builder RegistrationNONONO
Skill Certified AustraliaNONONO
Visa VictoryNONONO

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