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    RPL Pre-eligibility Checklist

    The RPL Assessment process enables you to fast track your competency to gain a qualification. If you can supply all the necessary evidence of your work experience at once, you will find the RPL Assessment process very easy and quick.

    We recommend you to undertake the RPL Pre-Eligibility check below, in order to make your RPL Assessment journey effortless. Before you begin, go through the checklist, familiarise yourself and tick the boxes that you are confident about. Upon receiving your Pre-eligibility Check, our student support officer or Training coordinator will contact you with the next steps. If you have all the evidence, our student support officer will guide you with the application form and the rpl process.

    Please note: Since you are investing time, money, effort and trust in us, we want to make sure, the RPL Assessment is conducted fairly by gathering sufficient, valid and current evidences.

    Personal Details

    Title: MrMrsMiss

    Sex: MaleFemale

    Contact Details

    Interested Course

    Tick, if you can demonstrate evidence
    Explain as directed in the checklist

    Do you have minimum 2 years of work experience? If so, please specify the duration of work experience.


    Can you provide three different referees who can support your RPL Assessment? Information on type of Referees is explained below.**


    Are you an employee or an employer? Can you support it by an evidence eg. a letter from your employer or company registration details in case you are an employer.


    Do you have any license specific to the industry?


    Do you accept that the RPL process is fee for service and you have to pay for the RPL Assessment? Please read the fees structure outlined in the RPL information booklet.


    Do you accept that there will be many different type of evidences you have to supply for RPL Assessment, will you be able to supply the documents when requested?


    During the RPL process, we may request you for some video or photo evidences, are you comfortable in supplying such evidences?


    What type of evidences are you comfortable in supplying, depending on the Unit of Competency requirements?

    Sample DocumentPhoto EvidenceVideo EvidenceAll Type

    Are you ready to fill out the application form and begin the RPL Assessment immediately?


    **Type of Referees
    Who are eligible Referees that can assess your skill and knowledge?

    For the RPL process an applicant must provide at least three referee details. Out of the three: one of your referee must be a Supervisor at work, who is referred to as ‘Testimonial Referee’ and the other two must be ‘Nominated Referees’, whom your Assessor will contact for reference check. One of your Nominated Referee should be able to provide you with ‘Third Party Report’ (they are most likely to be in a position to verify your skills and knowledge). The detail explanation of the type of referees are given below:

    Testimonial Referee: ‘Testimonial Referees’ are mostly your Employer, Supervisor, Managers who can provide you with a testimonial letter declaring that they know you for more than 1 year and who can declare that you have sufficient job experience to meet the qualification requirements. The Testimonial must also outline, how the qualification will benefit you and the job role at your workplace.

    Nominated Referee: The ‘Nominated Referee’ could be your Testimonial Referee as well. You should have two Nominated referee who could either be your colleague, supervisor, manager and other relevant person, who has worked with you and can assess your skill and knowledge in relevance to each unit of competency. The two Nominated Referees would be contacted for reference check. One of the nominated referee has to provide detail Third Party report for each Unit of Competency.