How to Apply

Before you apply for any course, we highly recommend reading through the course information on our website carefully. For further information, you can always speak to our friendly Course Advisors. We, at Frontier, want you to make informed decisions so that you get the best service while you are enrolled with us. 

We have TWO enrolment stages that allow us to help you find the right training and assessment strategy to suit your requirements:

  • Pre-enrolment Stage: This step allows you to know what we offer and how we would conduct our training and assessment based on your requirements. Once you agree to the requirements, we proceed to the next stage i.e.
  • Enrolment stage: in this stage, you agree to the course and the services we offer and you are enrolled into the course.

The steps for each stage are outlined below:

Step 1:  Complete our Course Pre-eligibility Assessment Form..

Step 2: Undertake LLN test and Pre-training Review

Step 3: Agree and sign the Proposed Pre-Training Agreement (PTAP)

Step 4: Pay the initial fee

Step 5: Complete the enrolment process by filling out the enrolment form

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to complete each of these steps. Please speak to one of our Course Advisors who can assist you in completing them. Allow a minimum of 2 hours to complete all the steps at one go with our Course Advisor. 

What you will need

Prior to the meeting with the course advisor, please keep the following information handy:

  1. USI number
  2. 100 Points of ID (keep a photocopy)
  3. Any previous qualifications you have completed, as you may be eligible for Credit Transfer. Keep a USI Transcript or photocopy of the original certificate and statement of attainment
  4. Resume CV
Telephone:(03) 9041-1820
First Point of ContactLupa Borah
Office Hours9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays

Need Application Help?

Leave us your details and a Course Advisor will get back to you soon.