Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Are you looking to get ahead in your career?

You may have the skills and knowledge required for a job, but not have the qualifications to prove it. This can lead to frustration in your career when you’re passed up for a promotion or position that you’re perfectly suited for.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the perfect solution! RPL is a process that assesses your skills and knowledge against nationally recognised standards, and could award you with a qualification for your efforts. With Frontier Institute of Technology, this process is simple, fast and affordable.

Getting certified through recognition of prior learning (RPL) may help you with

  • No time wasted on repeated courses
  • Saves you time and money
  • Gain increased employability and new career opportunities
  • Have more control over your career path and development
  • Ensure you meet industry and licensing requirements
  • Provides potential extra points for visa and immigration
  • Don’t have to attend classes or repeat already acquired training
  • Get a nationally recognised qualification

Find out how your industry work experience can help get you certified in less time with Frontier.

Find out how RPL can help you achieve your goals in 2023


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply for Recognition of prior learning (RPL)?

If you have the skills and experience in your required field and have supporting evidence to prove it, you may be able to get a qualification in less time. However, we recommend you to undertake the RPL Pre-Eligibility check, in order to make your RPL Assessment journey effortless. Before you begin, go through the checklist on our website, familiarise yourself and tick the boxes that you are confident about. Upon receiving your Pre-eligibility Check, our student support officer or Training coordinator will contact you with the next steps. If you have all the evidence, our student support officer will guide you with the application form and the RPL process.

RPL Pre Eligibility Check

How will it help?

The qualification you receive is a nationally recognised qualification, across Australia. If you are looking at upskilling, opting for RPL can help you save both time and money to get a certification. RPL qualifications can help you move forward in your career, get into uni for courses you may not have prior qualifications for. Our RPL qualification for Hospitality and Building Trades is on the occupation list which may build a pathway to help you get a permanent resident in Australia.

How much does it cost?

Our costs vary depending on the course you have applied for. Please contact us to find out more. We offer payment plans and multiple payment options.

How long does it take to complete RPL?

RPL process takes only a few weeks to complete and is largely dependent on the amount of recognition required for your chosen course as well as how much time is taken for you to gather the evidence of your skills and experience.

What types of evidence do I need for RPL?

After you choose the qualification and module(s) for RPL credit, you will have to provide a photo or video evidence demonstrating your skills relevant to your field of expertise, along with documents like payslips, job cards, customer feedback, reference letters etc. Please note that the documents required may vary according to the course you have chosen to apply.