Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

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You might be eligible to get a nationally recognised qualification with your existing skills you have gained through work and life experiences.

Frontier training provides recognition of prior learning in building and construction courses, business courses, community service courses, training and assessment course hospitality, and cookery courses.

Getting your skills and knowledge formally recognized with recognition of prior learning can help you build career confidence, get work promotion, change jobs or get into uni.

Recogniton of prior learning RPL

What is RPL?

RPL is an acronym for Recognised Prior Learning. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment pathway to gain a qualification if you believe that you have the skills, knowledge, and experience gained through work, training courses and work-based training to meet the requirements of the course.

If you have required skills and experience in a sector, and can provide supporting evidences, you may be eligible for Recognised Prior Learning (RPL), which will provide you a certification based on your experience.

RPL Process

Step 1. Decide on what to study

Choose a qualification.
In deciding on the appropriate qualification and module(s) for RPL credit, take into account your previous work experience and your future academic requirements.

Step 2. Meet the requirements

Make sure that you meet the admission requirements of the selected qualification for your chosen qualification.

Step 3. Complete and submit the RPL application form

Fill the RPL Application form, gather supporting documents and proof of payment of the application fee.
RPL credits are granted based on proof of evidence of learning.  RPL credits are awarded for the relevant learning gained as a result of experience, and not for the experience alone.

Step 4. Set up LMS account, PTR, and LLN test

You will receive confirmation of receipt of your application as soon as we have received all your documents and the payment of the prescribed fees. Confirm your Cloudasses account through the link and take the LLN test and PTR (Pre-training review).

Step 5. Complete RPL stages

On LMS, complete RPL stages. Your knowledge, skills, and competence

Further assessment may take the form of a challenge exam, an interview, a work-related project or a portfolio (which contains records of your experience, knowledge, and skills). Further guidelines regarding each of the assessment options will be provided to you if your RPL application is viable.ies will be assessed by an RPL panel based on the relevant evidence you submit.

Step 6. Interview with Assessor

An interview through the phone will be scheduled between the assessor and the student. This interview may be recorded.

Wait for feedback from the Frontier RPL team.

Step 7. Successful Completion

Congratulations, you will receive your certificate.

RPL Direct Application

If you are confident that you can provide supporting documentation for RPL Process. You can skip the Pre- Eligibility Checklist and fill out the RPL application form.

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