6 Signs That You Would Make a Great Trainer and Assessor

Thinking of your next big career move? The knowledge that you have gained in your current field of work can be a powerful tool to help you do that. Being a trainer and assessor is a great way to move up in your career and enjoy the satisfaction of building the workforce of the future. 

How do you know if you are the right fit to be part of the growing VET sector? It is quite simple. All you need to do is evaluate your own personal skills. Here are six signs that indicate your ability to excel as a VET trainer and assessor. 

You Have Strong Decision Making Skills

A trainer and assessor needs to be in charge. You will be faced with people from various walks of life. There are people from different professional backgrounds, ethnicities, age groups and even learning abilities that you need to be able to cater to. 

This requires the ability to make decisions, often tough ones, to help your learners achieve the outcomes that they expect. When it comes to assessment, especially, trainers are expected to take tough calls in the best interest of their students. So, if you are someone who can act under pressure and hold their ground, then this industry is for you. 

You Can Adapt Easily

In a classroom, no two days are the same. Every new class comes with new challenges, sometimes in the form of tricky questions by learners. The key is to make sure that the right information is delivered to the students in the most effective manner. Remember, trainers also need to ensure industry currency so that learners are ready for the dynamic nature of every industry. 

This is when adaptability comes handy. There is only one goal that you have as a trainer and assessor- the success of learners. You must be able to constantly adapt to learner needs, changing environments and industry demands in order to ensure that. 

You Help Others Feel Confident

A trainer and assessor is someone that learners look up to. When you instill confidence in your learners, you set them up for success. As a VET trainer and assessor, you are most likely to have adult learners who may come with many doubts and concerns. You must be able to forge a connection with the learner and instill a sense of comfort and confidence. 

Any reservations that your students may have about their learning journey, assignments or assessments are for you to resolve so that their overall experience is a positive one. 

You Are Innovative

There is always a better way to deliver the message of the training module. If you are someone who thinks out-of-the-box, then this will be a breeze. An innovative thinker is also extremely resourceful. This gives you the edge that you need to truly share your knowledge and nurture stronger professionals. Innovative thinking is also the key to adaptability. With these two important skills, you will be a trainer who keeps students engaged.  

You will be able to develop processes that match the shifts taking place within the industry as well. As a bonus, an innovative trainer results in innovative learners. This allows you to make a huge impact in the industry. 

You Are Caring and Compassionate  

Compassion is a vital skill to bring out the best in your learners. If you are someone who truly cares about the progress made by your learners, you will help them achieve wonderful outcomes. 

Taking a course as an adult is often intimidating and stressful for learners. Having a trainer who is looking out for them can be extremely comforting. These traits also help you cater to various learning types because you are able to empathize with various situations that your learners may be dealing with personally and during the course. 

You Have the Willingness to Learn

Continuous Improvement helps the VET sector provide relevance to learners. This improvement is not limited to the curriculum but also extends into your own development as an individual. If you are someone who embraces learning, be it as part of professional development or through experiences, then being a trainer and assessor offers several opportunities. You get to learn from every class that you teach, from the students that you meet and of course, the industry itself. If learning is exciting for you, then this is a great choice of career for you. 

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