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You deserve a fulfilling career that makes use of all your skills and interests – not just something that pays well or offers benefits. Our primary goal is to assist you, our students, to find new employment opportunities in the industry you have chosen. So if you’re ready for change, come visit us at our Job Centre today!

Frontier job centre provides expert advice on training and career opportunities. We also offer one-on-one support to guide students with their job search. If you need assistance with any aspect of your application, we can help!

Employers seeking Apprentices

Attention Employers:

Looking to train and develop new talent for your workforce? Get connected with highly keen and skilled candidates through Frontier – Job Center! Discover a pool of motivated individuals eager to learn and grow within your industry.

Post your apprenticeship opportunities and start building a stronger, more diverse team.

Apprentices looking for host Employers

Are you a student looking to kickstart your apprenticeship journey, but still seeking a host employer?

Look no further! Frontier offers a range of apprenticeship opportunities across various industries, providing you with the chance to learn and grow your skills while gaining valuable work experience. Explore opportunities at Frontier – Job Centre and find the perfect apprenticeship program for you.

We can help connect you with potential host employers and guide you through the application process. Start your apprenticeship journey today!

Electrical Apprenticeships


  • Career advice
  • Help with job searching
  • Assistance preparing resumes
  • Assistance with interview Techniques
  • Workshop to improve the student’s skills: writing resume, cover letter, seek profile
  • Workshops to learn about the job market
  • Assistance with Internships and Apprenticeships
  • Connecting you with local employers

We also provide our students with the best job searching techniques and information on potential job opportunities, as well as job application assistance.

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