Frontier Policy & Procedures

The following policies and procedures are currently in effect and available for viewing and download. Faculty, staff and students are responsible for familiarising themselves with relevant policies. If you require further information, please contact student admin on: 1300 625 102.


Frontier Institute of Technology is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace and the elimination of work-related injuries and illness for all employees and clients. Frontier Institute of Technology has a systematic approach to managing health and safety and is committed to regular review and continuous improvement of its health and safety performance. Relevant health and safety information and training are provided to all employees and we ensures an adequate level of supervision with respect to working in a safe and healthy manner.

Complaint and Appeal

Complaint and Appeal Form

Training and Assessment Policies

Student Support Policy

Student Handbook

Third Party Manual

Marketing Policy and Procedure

Continuos Improvement Policy

Fees and Refund Policy and Procedure

Pre-enrolment and Enrolment Policy and Procedure

Withdrawal, Deferment and Cancellation Policy

Withdrawal, Deferment and Cancellation Form