Top Tradie apps

Are you a Tradie on-the-go? With modern technology at your fingertips, have you considered these apps that can make your everyday job a breeze? Take a look

What paints are to an artist, power tools are to a tradie. But being a one-man army can also be challenging especially when you have to look at the technical side of things as meticulously and efficiently as you would have to manage the admin part of the business. Maybe it is time you transitioned smoothly to run your business by becoming tech-smart. Did you know there are several handy apps that many tradies swear by in making their lives easier? We have listed 10 trade-friendly apps that are sure to lift the burden off you and help you do your job methodically sans the stress.


  1. Hipages

tradieappsHipages also called High Improvement Pages is an app in Australia that helps tradies find job leads and build their clientele. If you sign up for the app, you can advertise your business while customers who are looking for a specific trade will be led to your business. With over several million users, you can manage leads, chat directly with your customers and quote them as well as choose your work radius. Business couldn’t get any easier than this.



As the name suggests, Houzz is an app that helps users connect with contractors and traders for their future house/business projects and renovations. As a trader, you can connect with your future clients by creating an impressive profile of your business and services. With a busy schedule extending to days-long projects, you can trust Houzz to get you more business while not trying too hard. Ensure that you display your work in good quality photos and participate in the conversations and provide tips to design ideas to users. You may not receive business immediately but you would be eventually as you build trust and share your expertise. At the time of doing any business keep your communication prompt and clear.



While we understand you work back-to-back without having time for anything else, how are you going with managing your finances? If you are struggling, we have the right solution for you. Xero. You can check your cash flow, save time and receive your payments faster by invoicing your clients from anywhere, storing all your documents in one place for easy accessibility, and managing your inventory, projects, payrolls, profits, and many more tasks by integrating it with third-party apps.



The Tradify app was created for the tradesman to ease the nature of their work. Downloading Tradify on your phone will mean you can manage, schedule, quote, invoice your tasks, and track your materials and real-time project updates. It also integrates with third-party apps which makes your job well synced and organised.



Do you have trouble managing your accounts or your business in general? MYOB will help you yank out of that scenario. Manage your employee timesheets and their rosters. Instead of entering your receipts manually, just uploading the photo will help you match them to your bank transactions. You can also create, send and track your invoices and quotes and any outstanding transactions from a single tap on your phone.



Exclusively available only in Australia, WorkBuddy, provides end-to-end job-management solutions. Whether you are a single trade businessman or a multiple-trades owner, if your business includes construction, plumbing, HVAC or electrical WorkBuddy can be the best buddy to ease your workload. You can schedule your tasks, track your team’s work progress in real-time, and quote and invoice your customers through this app. It integrates with third-party apps as well as customise any software you want to integrate with the app.



As a tradesman, iAuditor can help you tick off the checklist if your job involves audits and inspections. The app also allows you to generate a customised professional report and send it to your client. The user-friendly interface, the app’s ability to extract analytics from any site, and creating templates make this app a must-have for all who deal with audits and inspections oh-so-often.


Contractor Calculator

As a contractor, if you have so much to take care of, then calculation can be the last thing on your mind. While in the field, all you need to do is get your Contractor Calculator out and get the calculations, whether you want to measure in square feet, convert measurements, fractions, drywall or roof footage, or wire size calculations, you have it all on your phone.





iHandy Carpenter

If you are a contractor, builder or carpenter iHandy Carpenter is your go-to tool. Instead of investing in five separate tools, this app has five distinctive tools integrated which include a bubble level bar, a plumb bob, a protractor, a ruler, and a surface level to give you accurate measurements. Need we say more?



Instead of consulting sheaves of papers while dealing with a client writing notes, sketching diagrams, or sharing design ideas, let the Paper app make it easy for you. By using this app, you will have it all in one place as you are on the move. The 3D designs can bring your ideas to life and give your clients a better idea of what you are offering. Journal your ideas and notes so that you can consult them at your fingertip.