Have you ever thought about the connection between upskilling, engagement and employee retention?

Nowadays, many companies are watching their employees closely and investing time and money to improve and upskill them.

Upskilling your employees will reflect directly to the quality, productivity and engagement of them and the company will have long-term benefits.

Employees feeling invested in and valued with knowledge and autonomy continuously increasing will have a better engagement with the mission of the company, and it will reflect on the profit itself.

Make your employees happy and your customer even happier.

Investing in the upskilling of your team has proven to increase employee productivity, moral and growth. It makes your employees feel valued within the organisation.

Additional training equips your employees with up to date skills and current information in the industry.

Allowing them to be more confident in their current roles keep motivating them to continue to strive and also grow within the organisation.

Customer-employee relationships and satisfaction are one of the most crucial representations of any organisation. Long term customer retention relies heavily on your employee’s engagement, skills and performance.

An engaged and motivated employee who invested in your organisation and whom you have invested in upskilling will establish a better relationship with your customers.

Do you know how much cost to hire an employee?


Each time an organisation replaces a salaried employee, the cost of replacing him/her can be equal to 9 months’ salary. So, if someone earning $40,000 leaves your organization, it might cost up to $30,000 in interviewing, hiring and training them.

Some research suggests that the cost of replacing employees could be even higher. Losing an employee in a highly-trained position could cost up to 213% of their salary. It equates to an executive making $120,000 costing up to $255,600 to replace.

Upskilling is a process that promotes current employee retention, once hiring is a risky and costly process.

It can take months for organisations to find someone new and fitting to join the team, especially in a rapid growth business.

That’s why big companies are investing in their employees to increase the retention and productivity rate while saving time and money.

Frontier Training and Technology has designed a program tailored for Volume Builder companies and their employees.

This program is geared toward administrators and managers from the operations department within the volume building industry.

Generally, administration staff and management in the volume building industry currently do not require any qualification to be able to carry out these roles.

We believe that learners from this particular cohort will benefit from upskilling due to their wealth of knowledge and, generally, they are more mature with industry experience ranging up to 20 plus years.

Show to your employees that they are valuable for the company.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of employees, they will take care of the clients’
Richard Branson