If you are reading this, then you have thought about taking up a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or have already enrolled for trainer and assessor courses. Either way, it is good to know what the future holds once you have completed your course so that you can start planning your career carefully to ensure success. 

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is one of the most versatile qualifications that allows you to explore jobs in multiple industries.  You can take up trainer and assessor jobs in RTOs, corporates and other enterprises. You also have the option of taking your entrepreneurial goals forward. 

In this blog, we will discuss in detail about the different career opportunities that will open up once you have completed your Certificate IV In Training and Assessment. 

What Does a Trainer and Assessor Do?

Let us answer the most important question. How do your trainer and assessor qualifications help you? And, what exactly will your role and responsibilities after the course be? 

Primarily, trainers and assessors teach and train adult students or staff and subsequently assess the learning outcomes. 

The main roles and responsibilities of a trainer and assessor include: 

  • Deliver and Assess nationally recognised vocational non accredited and accredited courses
  • Developing and delivering instructional programs (curriculum development) that are according to the ASQA framework. 
  • Implementation assessment strategies and methods 
  • Participation in validation and moderation consultation activities in the industry 
  • Provide support to students to help improve the learning outcome. 
  • Develop Training and Assessment strategies suitable to the target cohort 

Career Opportunities with Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 

Your trainer and assessor qualifications give you the necessary skills to pursue the following: 

RTO Trainer and Assessor

This is one of the most common trainer and assessor jobs. There are many private RTOs or Registered Training Organizations that employ trainers and assessors to deliver VET courses for specific industries. 

An RTO Trainer is responsible for: 

  • Delivering Nationally Recognized Courses 
  • Assessing competence of the students 

Why is this a good option for you? 

There are close to 5000 RTOs in Australia today. This means, you have a high chance of employment. You can also pursue your passion while generating a good income for yourself. For instance, if the RTO has a course in hairdressing, childcare or other industries that interest you, you can opt to deliver these courses. 

TAFE Trainer or Vocational Education Teacher 

A TAFE or Technical And Further Education institute is very similar to an RTO. However, it is a government or state owned facility. They hire Vocational Education Teachers to deliver a range of courses. 

Why is this a good option for you? 

There are many TAFE institutions in Australia where you can apply for a full time role as a trainer and assessor. You will gain experience teaching students in a University setting.  Vocational Education Trainers are central to the entire VET Sector in Australia, preparing students for employment in different domains. 

Corporate or Workplace Trainer 

If you already have experience working in the corporate sector, trainer and assessor courses can help you move up the ladder easily. Corporates are constantly looking for ways to improve the skills of their employees. With your experience in a given industry and additional trainer and assessor courses, you will become an invaluable asset to your organization. 

The responsibilities of a corporate or workplace trainer are as follows: 

  • Identify gaps in the skills of existing staff. 
  • Develop training modules to improve performance to achieve organizational goals faster. 
  • Assess performance and competence. 

Why is this a good option for you? 

You can put your current industry experience to good use, get better roles within an organization and improve your income.You also become an important part in helping an organization scale up and reach various milestones. Most importantly, you are responsible for training the leaders of the future. 

Become an RTO Owner 

If you want to become an entrepreneur, an RTO is a very lucrative option for you. For individuals with business acumen and the necessary qualification to be a trainer and assessor, it is a good idea to find industries within your state that require skill-training for their work force. 

In order to set up your own RTO, you must understand the Service Skills Australia Guide in detail. You can also get in touch with the following Regulatory bodies to get information about how to start your RTO: 

  • Australian SKill Quality Authority (ASQA)
  • VET Accreditation Board (NSW) 
  • Accreditation and Registration Council ( ACT) 
  • Training Accreditation Council ( WA) 
  • Skills Victoria ( VIC) 
  • Training and Employment Recognition Council ( Qld) 
  • Tasmanian Qualifications Authority ( TAS) 
  • Department of Employment Education and Training (NT) 

Why is this a good option for you? 

You have the freedom of running a company of your own. As a business owner, you open up more trainer and assessor jobs which will help improve employment opportunities for more people. With the right management and financial procedures in place, this can be a very profitable venture. 

Some Suggestions for a Successful Career with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

  • Build Industry Credit

Always stay updated in your industry to get preference when it comes to employment. Make sure you learn about the trends in the VET sectors and keep your skills up to date. This can be achieved by attending professional development workshops, reading about the industry and engaging with industry professionals. 

  • Pair Your Skills With Other Qualifications

You can specialize in a particular industry by combining the skills that you developed through trainer and assessor courses with other qualifications. Some additional qualifications that you may consider are business development, human resources, work health and safety and others. 

You can also choose a specific industry that is interesting to you. For example, if childcare is your area of interest, you can take up a course like Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. Then, you can use your trainer and assessor qualifications to train people to become child care workers, educators or fill any other gaps or requirements in this industry.  

  • Develop Additional Skills 

It is not enough to have skills pertaining to developing learning modules and assessing competence. To be a successful trainer and assessor, you must make sure that you develop additional soft skills like: 

  • Public speaking 
  • Active listening
  • Monitoring 
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • People management 

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