The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways”- Robert Greene, American author of six international bestsellers.” 

Pave way for a better and brighter future with Frontier Institute of Technology where we bring to you a wide range of vocational training courses, delivered by the best in the business. We believe that knowledge with the right guidance can help anyone build a life that is successful and secure. 

Established in September 2002, Frontier Institute of Technology has nurtured over 2500 students in various domains. We are a Registered Training Organization offering more than 32 Nationally Recognized Courses. Whether you are looking to upgrade your skills, re-enter the job market or change your career path, you can explore a world of opportunities, here at Frontier. 

Our Mission

To create a strong impact and leave an imprint on the community by empowering students through accessible, high quality education. 

The Core of Frontier 

At Frontier, it is not just about skill training but also about inspiring students to tap into the right opportunities. We take immense pride in the following values that help us achieve this with every student: 

  • Ensuring learning and growth 
  • Providing equal work opportunities for all by encouraging inclusivity and diversity. 
  • Making no compromises on the safety of our students or staff. 
  • Building an organization that inspires, educates, and contributes to creating a strong community. 
  • Making superior quality education accessible to a wide segment of students. 

What Sets Frontier Apart

Australia is a hub for education, be it vocational or academic. We set ourselves apart by focusing on creating the most positive experience for our students from the time they enrol, until they complete their courses at Frontier. 

We give you the Frontier Advantage that includes: 

  • A wide range of courses: We offer trade courses, occupation-specific courses and short courses. This lets students choose from a variety of courses that may interest them. Additionally, for those who wish to upgrade their skills to improve their professional journey, there are many options with more than 32 nationally recognized courses. 
  • Skilled and diverse faculty: Having a multicultural faculty allows us to make even students from various backgrounds feel completely at home. All the teachers at Frontier are TAE certified and regularly upgrade their skills to provide the highest quality, relevant and current education to all students. 
  • Extensive support to students from all backgrounds: At Frontier, we provide high-quality education to students from all age groups and backgrounds. With many of our students being over the age of 40 years, we take it upon ourselves to provide them with as much support as they need in order to successfully complete their course. A combination of online and classroom lessons, easy access to trainers and support staff ensures that students stay motivated at all times. The strength of each class is also limited to make sure that students get focused attention to help them learn better. 
  • Highly regulated training approach: Frontier adheres to specific ASQA guidelines to ensure high quality education. Our training methods are industry-approved and hands-on to make sure that students are ready to find employment as soon as they complete their courses. 
  • Top notch student support: We have created an environment for our student that truly helps them thrive. Frontier has always emphasized on providing complete support to the students during their time with us. Students may approach the Student Support Staff any time between 9am-5pm to get answers to all their queries. Even the courses are customized to make sure that they are in the best interest of all students, whether they are at the beginner, intermediate or expert level of training. 
  • Specially tailored courses: Be it individual courses or training for organizations, our courses are customized and structured to make sure that they are industry and organization-specific. We also develop innovative training methods that allow students to imbibe as much knowledge as possible. 
  • Continued support after completion of training: Even after students complete their course, Frontier gives them all the support that they need to get started on their desired career path. For instance, we guide all our students to obtain professional licenses so that they can apply the acquired skills and knowledge in the real world.

Today, after awarding over 8000 certificates to students, we are more certain of our goals as an educational organization. Frontier Institute of Technology is your next step towards building a glorious career and an exceptional life that you always dreamt of.

RTO Registration and Licence Authority

The registering authority, Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) monitors Frontier Training and Technology and subjects it to regular external audit to verify adherence to these standards.

Below is also a copy of our most recent Audit and Quality Indicators report.

Audit Report 2022  RTO Registration Certificate of Registration Quality Indicators Report   Quality Indicators Report 2016   Quality Indicators Report 2017