diploma of building and construction course

The smartest pathway to get your Domestic Builder’s License. Becoming a registered builder.

What we offer:

  •  Application Preparation
  • 2 nationally recognised formal qualifications: Certificate IV and Diploma of Building
    and Construction (CPC40110 – CPC50210)
  • Building and Construction theory and practices
  • Mentoring with registered DBU holders
  • Invaluable knowledge to make you the best builder you can be

What are the benefits?

We make it easier for you Obtaining a Certificate IV & Diploma of Building & Construction will make your application for a domestic building license easier. Learners will have access to an industry specialist that will provide individualized support based on each learner’s needs.

You get specialised assistance with your application

DBU Fast Track will you prepare for the application. Our assistance plays a big part in the assessor’s view of your application. Providing a thorough application and portfolio to the Victorian Building Authority puts you in a good position for a favourable application.

Dual qualification

Learners who complete the program – DBU Fast Track, will be prepared to apply for their domestic building licenses and will hold two nationally recognized formal qualifications. These qualifications will not only advance learners in their careers but also put them in high demand as these qualifications are highly regarded within the Building & Construction Industry.

What is the first step?

The first step is to meet the eligibility requirements. Contact us for booking your pre-training review and eligibility check.

How long does it take?

Our course will be delivered over a period of 6 months. The course duration may vary upon learners’ prior experience, knowledge and abilities.

How does it work?

Students of the program will examine the principles, techniques, and regulations related to residential construction. They will also work through the NCC, National Building Codes & Standards, Timber Framing Manuals and work through a wide range of Slabs, Footings and Building Plans. Your knowledge and skills will be assessed through different tools throughout your course: RPL, individual and group training and self-paced learning.


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