• Are you an organised person and an efficient time manager?
  • Are you a good communicator, both verbal and written?
  • Not tech-savvy per se but you do have a way around with technology and crunching numbers?
  • You like to be on the administrative and management side of things?


If you answered with a Yes for the questions above, you may as well know that these are some of the skills employers are looking for in their business administrative team. A Diploma in Business Administration can help you hone your skills and prepare you for a career that any business requires— an efficient business employee.

Given that an administrative team is the first point of contact for any business with their clients/customers and employees to ensure the smooth functioning of the business, gaining a Diploma will increase your demand manifolds in acquiring an entry-level position as well as help pave your way to management-centric roles in the future. Let’s look at some of the opportunities waiting for you after a Diploma in Business Administration. Read on…


Administrative Assistant

Being at the front desk, your duties would include reviewing correspondence through calls and emails, dexterity in handling file management systems, strategic planning, problem-solving, and the ability to work with minimal supervision among many other tasks. If you think you have the right mix of communication skills and ability to multi-task then you could consider to kick start your career as an administrative assistant and make the first impression on your client.

 Salary: Average Salary: AU$47,826 (payscale.com)


Human Resources Coordinator     

Your role would comprise of assisting the HR managers with recruitment, organising interviews, conducting new-hire inductions as well as assist with payroll and maintain employee records. If you have a keen attention for details, enjoy human interaction, are a team worker, and great at handling software systems then you could aim at being an HR coordinator to start a career.

Salary: Average Salary: AU$60,560 (payscale.com)


Marketing Associate 

With a Diploma in Business Administration, you can forge your way as a marketing associate. Your responsibilities will encompass collaborating with the marketing manager, planning marketing strategies, handling and maintaining documents and databases, competent software skills, and multi-tasking. If you think you have it in you and you are inclined toward a career in marketing than administration, this course can help you achieve it.

Salary: Average Salary: AU$60,012 (payscale.com)


Account Manager

Typically, an Account Manager retains clients as well as makes sales of the products and services their company offers. A Diploma in Business Administration will widen your scope to work in various industries. If you enjoy communicating with people, challenges, working under pressure, managing time, and like being on the field rather than stay confined in an office environment, give this career a serious thought.

Salary: Average Salary: AU$65,947 (payscale.com)


Financial Administrator

A Finance Administrator keeps the records and accounts of the business accurately. They assist in preparing and auditing accounts, create budget reports, issue invoices, payroll, and various other business-related expenses, monitoring accounts, payments, and sales budgets. They also manage general admin duties which include filing bank statements. If you love crunching numbers and handling the finance part of a business, you could consider becoming a Financial Administrator.

Salary: Average Salary: AU$55,403 (payscale.com)       


Office Manager   

As an Office Manager, you would be juggling between Human Resources and management, making sure that the office is running smoothly. You would need to be delegating tasks, managing records, and accounts, overseeing the work health and safety regulations, and reviewing staff performances. You will be able to hone your management, organisational, and leadership skills for better career prospects.

Salary: Average Salary: AU$60,675 (payscale.com)


Project assistant      

As a Project Assistant, you would be working in collaboration with project managers. The work primarily centres around administration and coordination of reports, budgets, and teams. You will need to display your good communication skills, time-management skills, and organisational skills.

Salary: Average Salary: AU$56,102 (payscale.com)

A promising and well-paying career awaits you. Are you ready for vocational education?

A Diploma in Business Administration is your way to go!