In the face of dealing with a pandemic, life seems to have taken on a strange turn. Who would have thought the distance between your work/student life and your personal life would be all within a space of only a few feet away? With the lockdown being the need of the hour, organising your life in a seamless way is as essential for productivity as it is for your sanity. Since most schools, colleges and training organisations are recommended to run online by the government, online learning is on full swing now and truth be told, looking at the seriousness of these unprecedented times, adapting and adjusting to a remote learning method is the only way to go to stay safe. We thought we could give you some headway on how to discipline your life and optimise your time in delivering the best you can. Read on…

Space talk

Create a space specially dedicated to your learning. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, as long as it is within a space equipped with ample amount of natural light, comfortable seating and in close proximity with power outlets to charge your gadgets along with good wifi connectivity. Choose a comfortable chair that supports your back and make sure your monitor is on the same level as your eyes. For some visual impact, you can also place a potted plant or some flowers in a vase or light a scented candle to keep you inspired and going. Remember, concentrating on your work becomes easier if you create a space that is comfortable.

Tick that checklist

How good are you at sticking to a timetable? Especially when time is all you have now that you are home the whole time.  Structuring your study routine into ​the completion of ​tasks​ rather than measuring it with time will help you in a big way. We suggest you create tasks for yourself every day and check them off as you go by the end of the day. Setting goals makes you more focussed rather than dedicating each day​ to​ a stipulated number of hours spent studying. This allows you some flexibility of time as long as you stay focussed on completing the task.

Take a break

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Sometimes being in the confines of ​your ​home may make you forget to take a break, but taking some time off your studies is essential to stay energetic and focussed as ever. Staring at the computer/laptop screen for hours also leads to headaches, eye discomfort, dry eyes or blurred vision. Breaking for a quick round of physical exercise, cooking something quick for yourself or just spending some time talking to a family member can be refreshing. So, go ahead, take a guiltless break and you will be surprised how much more productive you will get after you take one.

Keep the phone off

We would suggest until you are using your phone to chat to a trainer or a fellow student, keep your mobile phones out of sight. Let’s be honest, they are quite the distraction. Whether it is a chat notification or a message popped reminding you of your restored lives in a game, they are most likely to shift your attention. When studying make sure you only have tabs related to your course open, any other websites should be saved for your free time. Keep it straight and simple.

Community of learners

Sometimes staying isolated in your house can give you the feeling that you are all alone in it. Adding to the stress can be having limited social interactions. Engaging with your peers and trainers regularly will give you a sense of solidarity and confidence and get you going in these strange times. Chat over texts or videos with them and see where you stand in your learning curve. It will surely keep you motivated and inspired to complete your tasks.

Let’s make the best of these times!

Good luck!