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How to get a Domestic Building License?

Frontier Training and Technology wants to introduce the new program the new pathway to get you Builder License, DBU Fast Track.

This program is geared to learners with at least three years’ experience in the building and construction industry looking to attain formal registration as a builder.

The qualifications and service we offer covers building and construction theory and practices, providing the knowledge and managerial skills required to manage a successful residential building site and business.

You will gain invaluable skills and knowledge that will help you be a better builder once you receive your registration as a domestic builder from the Victorian Building Authority.

Builder License - Frontier Training and Technology

Students of the program will examine the principles, techniques, and regulations related to residential construction.

They will also work through the NCC, National Building Codes & Standards, Timber Framing Manuals and work through a wide range of Slabs, Footings and Building Plans.

Learners who complete the program – DBU Fast Track, will hold two nationally recognized formal qualifications.

These qualifications will not only advance learners in their careers but also put them in high demand as these qualifications are highly regarded within the Building & Construction Industry.

What’re the benefits of this Program?

Obtaining a Cert IV & Diploma in Building & Construction will make the application for a domestic building license easier, learners will also have access to industry specialist that will provide individualized support based on each learner needs.

DBU Fast Track prepares each students application; our assistance play’s a big part in the assessor’s view of your application.

Providing a thorough application and portfolio to the Victorian Building Authority puts our learners in a good position for favourable application.

Builder License - Frontier Training and Technology

DBU Prep Guide

Each learner will receive DBU Fast Tracks comprehensive DBU prep guide and access to our online learning platforms. Our guide is a tool that will help prepare learners for their up and coming examination and interview.

The guide also contains useful links, mock examinations, practice tests, hundreds of questions and answers and plan faults designed to help them identify and familiarise themselves with the all the possible questions that could be thrown their way by the Victorian Building Authority’s Assessor during the examination and interview process.

The guide provides learn with a tool to help them practice and reinforce their knowledge at their own pace in addition to receiving support from our mentors.

Mentors to help you get your Builder License

Builder License - Frontier Training and Technology

DBU Fast Track mentor’s learners throughout the DBU process. All of our assigned mentors are registered building practitioners and current holders of an unlimited domestic building licence themselves.

Having mentors who have been through the DBU process will not only put learners in the position to succeed but it will also provide learning with tips and tricks that helped our mentors obtain their own domestic building license.

DBU Fast Track is a process that will not only make getting your builder license quick and easy but it will also provide you with peace of mind knowing that you are being looked after in a process that can often feel daunting due to the fear of the unknown.


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