We have a new program at Frontier, the Job Placement Program

Can you imagine getting your diploma with a real-life experience of the industry?


Students struggle to get the job in the respective field after the qualification, and sometimes they don’t know where to start. We have designed the program thinking about what would happen after the student gets their certificate.

Our principal goals are:

  • Aims to educate all the students towards the students
  • Put the theory and skills into practice
  • Provide support for future jobs

This program will be the best opportunity to develop your career and it doesn’t matter if you are starting the work-life or changing your career.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Development of Skills
  • Workplace Environment
  • Industry Experience
  • Practical Work Experience
  • Professional Network
  • Supervision
  • Observe another professional working in the same environment
  • Increase in Employment Opportunities

Now, you should be asking yourself how it works.

The process is very simple and has three basic steps:

  1. The student has to submit all the details about themselves, including experiences, availability and skills.
  2. Collection of students details
  3. Finding a host organization.

Our Human Resources professional is going to assist you in all the following steps: checking requirements, developing your resume and cover letter, provide coaching for an interview and review the organisation agreement and placement.

During the course, you going to have access to  FREE workshops.

The workshops will provide :

  • Tips about job searching
  • How to write a resumes, cover letter and seek profile
  • Interview Techniques
  • And internships

That’s amazing, isn’t it?

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out about our courses and enrol today!