Hospitality course melbourne

How to get started with your hospitality career?

Hospitality careers provide great options for a candidate who has good interpersonal skills and enjoys working directly with guests and visitor, flexibility and creativity as well as communication skills. Leadership skills are also highly valued, especially if you intend to pursue a position in management.

There are many options for employment in the hospitality industry, including restaurants and cafes, clubs, pubs and taverns, hotels and catering for a variety of different jobs.

Although most entry-level positions allow you to learn on the job, gaining a relevant qualification in hospitality will give you an edge once you start applying for jobs and could even help you start off at a higher position.

So, how should I start?

The first step is to enrol in a course that makes sense for you. We do have the essentials courses to you start:

SIT30816 – Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

This course provides comprehensive training in cookery and will help apprentices develop cookery skills and knowledge of kitchen operations to prepare food and menu items.
This qualification aims individuals who want to learn fundamentals skills and develop knowledge in a wide range of subjects to become job ready. Apprentices will learn from the preparation and cooking of meats to plan effective menus.

This is an apprenticeship which provides apprentices with hands-on, practical training and theoretical aspects of commercial cookery.

SIT40516 – Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

The certificate IV provides comprehensive training in cookery with an emphasis in supervisory or team leading roles in the kitchen.

This qualification aims individuals who want to develop their management skills and develop knowledge and understanding of management in the hospitality industry. Apprentices will learn from kitchen management to team and finance management.

This is an apprenticeship

which provides you with hands-on, practical training and theoretical aspects of commercial cookery and it will enable you to take a leadership role within an establishment.

SIT50416 – Diploma of Hospitality Management

That is designed for participants who want to develop a broad range of hospitality skills combined with managerial skills and get a sound knowledge of the industry to coordinate hospitality operations.

We aim at equipping the students with not only the knowledge but also the skills to excel in the field they are pursuing.

This qualification provides a pathway to work in any hospitality industry sector as a departmental or small business manager. The diversity of employers includes restaurants, hotels, motels, catering operations, clubs, pubs,

cafés, and coffee shops. This course allows for multi-skilling and for specialisation in accommodation services, cookery, food and beverage and gaming.

If you’re considering a job in the hospitality industry, getting started on your new career path doesn’t have to be difficult.

Be job-ready! With us, you can make sure your new path is a rewarding one.