Learning is experience, everything else is just information

Albert Einstein


So, you don’t have a formal qualification in fine dining but you have been working in the kitchens for a while now? And going by the time and energy you have spent in there, you know the nuances of cooking and cleaning like the back of your hand?

Well, if you think you love the aroma of the exotic dishes wafting in the kitchen, the loud clanking of utensils or even the yelling and palpable anxiety of working against the constant clicking of the clock, then you know you are in the right place.

Have you been contemplating the next big move in your career? Perhaps, owning your own restaurant or moving up your current position or a chicer restaurant, even?

Probably, the only thing that is coming in your way of climbing the success ladder is a formal qualification. Our Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery can be your ticket to realising your dream.

Why a certification in Commercial Cookery?

Thanks to Australia’s multiculturalism, the fine dining business couldn’t have thrived in a better place. The hospitality industry is expanding due to customer demand, growing population and the mushroom growth of restaurants.

The Australian government estimates that in the next five years there will be 16000 job openings per year until 2023.

For all the positive news, there is also an unignorable fact that the competition will grow fiercer, and to stay on top of your game, you need to know more than just cooking and cleaning.

A certificate IV in Commercial Cookery prepares you to go to the next level. According to a statistics report posted on myskills.gov.au, 75.8% of graduates of this course either started or expanded their own business or landed themselves a new job, a promotion or higher pay.

The course covers a comprehensive training in cookery. It will help you develop your management skills, train you how to operate the kitchen efficiently, you will learn about the health and safety procedures, how to control costs and other information that can help you build your credibility as a chef or a manager or any leadership within an establishment for that matter. A formal qualification in your CV validates your skills, knowledge, and learning.

Benefits of a formal training

The Certificate IV training will train you through the process of preparing a wide array of dishes, including meat, fish, vegetarian and other dietary requirements, managing costs, coordinating and monitoring cooking operations, managing conflicts, managing safe food handling and hygiene practices, leading and managing people, developing and curating menus and learning about managing diversity in the workplace.

All these will be covered in the core units of the course, while the elective units will guide you in providing customer service, facilitating older people, preparing and serving coffee, creating and using databases, providing first aid or serving food and beverage or providing table service.

While some of the aspects you may have observed it when you were on-the-job, you can learn it hands-on within the duration of this course. It will help you hone your skills and lend you an edge over the others which will subsequently help you learn better and faster.

Jobs available

A certificate IV can help you pave your way to work in a variety of roles which include:

A qualified cook: If you surf through the job portals, one of the key requirements of a chef is one who has a certification on commercial cookery or hospital management. This course helps you tick that box and heightens your chance to be employed as a chef.

The chef hierarchy: Depending on your experience and your certification, your chances of moving a step up the culinary ladder after this course is a given. Whether you get hired as a commie chef, chef de partie, sous chef or a head chef, you will definitely not be looking down.

Managerial jobs: If you are equally talented in managing and leading a group of people as you are in dishing out extraordinary food, then it is time you took control of the kitchen at large. This course will help you lead the way and train you with the skills that you already have. Become a kitchen manager or better still start your own fine dining business.

If you are creative, love food and want to be a part of a fast-paced industry that seems to be growing every year with career opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries across the globe then you have more than one reason to do a Certification IV in Commercial Cookery and step up your game.